putin gazprom

The logic is straightforward – NPR reports that the Ukraine government spends about 7.5 percent of the country’s GDP on gas through a subsidy to its citizens.

Over 60 percent of Ukraine’s gas comes from Russia. Plus, Ukraine’s gas bill is overdue by more than USD 3 billion.

Russia’s increases in the price of gas is one of the reasons why Ukraine’s finances are in chaos. Again, one of the reasons…

The US Senate just passed a bill that will provide USD 1 billion in aid to Ukraine. The bill still needs to clear the House of Representatives.

Assuming the bill passes, take one good guess which President’s gas industry buddies are going to see a healthy slice of that loot? The answer’s so ridiculous that you have to laugh.

By the way, I stand by my February 26, 2014 Tweet

song currently stuck in my head: “don’t knock my love” – wilson pickett

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