desean jackson flashing gang sign at Washington Redskins game


So, what did Pro Bowler DeSean Johnson do that resulted in him being cut from the Philadelphia Eagles?

It seems that said “gang connections,” and Jackson’s Eagles career, after signs of simmering troubles, was subsequently roasted.

Did Jackson shoot somebody? Did he conscript youngsters into thug life? Did he sign-up to be head pitchman for the neighborhood gang?

As far as I can tell, Jackson flashed gang signs on Instagram – a pretty dumb and immature act that’s performed by plenty of misguided culture emulators of all races – but that problem could have been corrected by having a sit-down discussion with the young Brother. It’s also interesting to note that accused Jackson of rolling with members of the Crips gang, but that doesn’t seem to stop Jackson from taking photos while wearing the colors of the rival Bloods.

Monte Poole of Comcast SportsNet in the Bay Area points out that Jackson has visited San Quentin Prison, where he passionately exchanges experiences with prisoners – some of whom are gangbangers. Hall of Famer Jim Brown has been doing those kinds of talks for years. Is that the gang affiliation people are talking about?

I have friends who have seen the inside of a prison, and any meeting I’ve ever had with them was adorned with mutual respect as human beings. No discussion we ever had went like, “Ayo, Kambui – being on the legit side is wack, Sun. Roll with us!”

I can’t tell you what or whom Jackson is affiliated with, but I can tell you that firing someone because of unconfirmed suspicions about the person’s friends is wacky…

Song currently stuck in my head: “take some time out (original mix)” – arnold jarvis

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