Congress votes to cut food stamp benefits through the  Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act

US Congress voting to cut the food stamps program under the disingenuous title of Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act is not only heartless, but dumb.

“Work Opportunity” is a real laugher since Congress has proven during the past half-decade it doesn’t know how create a job. But they now created a magical piece of legislation that will employ thousands…

For nearly eight decades, the food stamps program was a deal forged by rural and urban politicians that made farmers whole for harvest surpluses while giving hungry people a chance to eat.

Cutting that relationship between farmers and the hungry poor only sets up future congressional battles between big-city and small-town politicians since there will be fewer motivational forces that will bring them together.

While I can list many reasons for why the new legislation is dumb, I’ll concentrate on one potentially expensive area: education.

The results of a study by Massachusetts General Hospital on calorie deficiency and academic performance among poor kids illustrate a potential danger:

Prior to the USBP [universal-free school breakfast program], 33% of all study children were classified as being at nutritional risk. Children who were at nutritional risk had significantly poorer attendance, punctuality, and grades at school, more behavior problems, and were less likely to eat breakfast at school than children who were not at nutritional risk. Six months after the start of the free school breakfast programs, students who decreased their nutritional risk showed significantly greater: improvements in attendance and school breakfast participation, decreases in hunger, and improvements in math grades and behavior than children who did not decrease their nutritional risk.

Letting kids eat helps them to perform better at school, thus improving their chances of avoiding the nasty and expensive effects of school underachievement such as taking on a life of crime.

I recommend that members of Congress take off for the rest of their terms. They only make matters worse when they show up for work…

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  1. The reality US congress are showing compassion as understanding
    they are trying to save lives / not to destroy by taking away benefits.

    MONSANTO has taken sound safe plants which provided a needed
    food supply to the nation poeople’s / through genetic terrorism they
    turned a safe source of food to that of frankenstein foods in having
    brought with them a multitude of potential serious health problems.

    Such GM foods (genetically modified) widespread througout a USA
    the american people were simply used as guinea pigs / no labatory
    testing as should have been done (such over decades thus seeing
    the results of altering the plants genetic structure over a period as
    tested on animals ( MONSANTO used the american people as the
    labatory animals / with the direst results / it’s now ever clearer that
    GM foods are bring to those whom feed on it a multitude of health
    problems from tumors to cancers /the very human immune system
    is being destroyed by that of GM food consumption /it a dire result.

    Thus a reality of what congress does is not to harm but save lives
    the situation is dire / the USA will have to return to planting natural
    safe sound seed thus produce safe food / this will take time there
    also the reality that much of the land now contaminated with a use
    of GM seed as a over use of pesticides produced by MONSANTO.

    How did such a horror story be TODAY’S reality ? ?/.MONSANTO
    the USA govt believed every word they said thus gave them their
    freedom to do as the pleased and the result be as was predicted
    by many other nations scientists / whom warned the USA govt as
    warned MONSANTO / that their genetic terrorism of plants would
    result in disaster /not only the USA but a disaster for all humanity.

    DIid USA ( govt’s) take any heed of the warnings that given ?. NO.
    Did MONSANTO take any heed of the warnings when given ?. NO.

    Thus don’t be too hard on congress / their intention being good.

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