Paula Deen's admission of bigotry during deposition risks destroying her food empire

Before we group-hug Paula Deen and say “We understand” how her admittedly bigoted behavior (link – pay special attention to pages 124-129) is the result of her unfortunate status as a relic of a different time in America—and how her racial framework is lost in the social dynamics of 2013&mfash;let’s consider how Deen has been capable of changing over the years.

Paula Deen’s teenage years most assuredly meant that she never heard of a [public] Internet, a website, celebrity chef merchandising deals, or QVC.

Somehow, Young Deen’s media ignorance didn’t stop her from saying in her adult years (paraphrasing) “Hey y’all! I need a website, a social media footprint, a home shopping deal and some retail product distribution ’cause DAT’s where the money is, Son!”

(Laughing) We’ve now established that Paula Deen is capable of changing with the times. As long as Deen is willing to acknowledge that ability, she’s more than welcome to visit NYC to get a hug from me and have a meaningful conversation about race relations in America and a constructive role she can play in the future…

song currently stuck in my head: “bat macumba” – os mutantes

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