Bolton writes a book that reconfirms how much of a dim-sparked a-hole President Trump is — so what?

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton, pictured in the background, with President Donald Trump in the foreground. Bolton's new book alleges that Trump is unfit for office. Posted by kambui on mentalunrest.
When cray calls cray “cray”.

People want to read (or hear) musings of an official who’s made war his crystal meth — because of his ex-boss

I won’t spend much time writing about Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book, The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir.

Besides, the book will be officially released this Tuesday, and (laughing) Simon & Schuster didn’t put me on the advance-copy list to read it.

My main feedback about the book at the moment is based on all those pre-release charges against President Trump that made the press this week: so what? Should anyone be surprised that Trump’s a moron?

There are a couple of accusations in the book that caught me so flat-footed that I have doubts the charges are true. More on that in a moment.

But let’s first focus on the author of the book, who I think is a maniac. A modern-day Colonel Walter E. Kurtz in a suit.

And that’s not just my opinion.

Many Beltway people don’t think Bolton is wrapped too tight

When Bolton’s name surfaced in 2018 as the National Security Advisor appointee, some people in Washington — especially Democrats — lost their collective sugar-honey-iced-tea.

Bolton wrote that infamous piece, “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First”, in the Wall Street Journal.

In another article, Bolton presented a case for bombing Iran.

He wants to bomb Venezuela.

A three-decades-long advisor to Bolton belongs to an organization that thinks Islamic agents  have infiltrated various levels of the US government.

Bolton was considered too extreme for a Senate confirmation to UN Ambassador under the reign of Bush the Second — odd how people seriously thought about appointing a person with ABSOLUTELY ZERO diplomacy skills to serve as a diplomat in the first place — so Bush brought in Bolton through a recess appointment.

And there’s this part of a speech Bolton made in 2013 that suggested Israel take the lead in bombing Iran immediately since the Islamic Republic has a “very short period of time” to get nuclear weapons, and the Obama administration “will never use military force.” Team Obama had enough sense to not bomb Iran, which still doesn’t have nuclear weapons. Plus, the Iran nuclear deal was finalized in 2015.

I’m not sure there’s a so-called Third World nation with a supposed problem that Bolton didn’t want to bomb.

So, THIS maniac wrote a book …

Other than serving as entertaining confirmation to Liberals who already had thoughts about the depth of Trump’s selfishness and stupidity, what purpose does Bolton’s book serve?

Conservatives who already have their minds set on supporting or dumping Trump won’t likely change their minds about anything at this point.

MAGA’nem will vote for Trump this fall, even if the President really blows away some rando on Fifth Avenue.

Therefore, the book changes nothing, other than Bolton’s bank account.

I question the validity of some accusations Bolton made, however.

For example, China’s more about Sun Szu in areas of international relations than America will ever be, so I seriously doubt President Xi Jinping would ideate Uighur internment camps with Trump. President Xi would simply build the camps, and then announce later. Maybe.

The Russian related allegations could be partially motivated by Bolton’s known anti-Russia views, so we’ll need more fired Trump officials in a talkative mood to verify.

I know one thing for sure: The Trump White House would make a helluva biopic series. Script writers will get more material to play with when more ex-Trump officials step forward to cash in …

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