Playlists: DJ Jamal Dixon gives 2020 the middle finger and enjoys the productive year we all hope to see

And he won’t stop …

DJ, producer and Nylon Recordings artist Jamal Dixon is having a busy year. “F**k 2020 and this pandemic” is his personal anthem, I guess.

He just dropped a torrid club mix set for the Beats in Space (BIS) radio show, curated a very New York City playlist for the mad-trendy Design Hotels™ group on Spotify, and his BIS set is now featured on Resident Advisor’s Mix of the Day. Plus, he remains busy releasing tracks.

(Laughing) Damn, what have the rest of us been doing lately?

Fans of Afro House, deep Detroit Techno, Afro Tech and Post-Disco should tap here or listen below for the BIS set.

Or hit the Spotify link if you like Modern Soul, Rap, dancefloor-worthy Jazz, moodscapes, plus a splash of those BIS flavors.

I listened to both. And that’s my advice to you.

Keep doin’ that thang, Jamal …

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