Of course, there will be another coronavirus ‘stimulus’ in the US …

President Donald Trump discussing the US economy
Tough year for the President

But we ARE living in 2020 …

With 40 million Americans out of work while the coronavirus pandemic has scared most other Americans out of resuming life as usual, should there even be a question about President Donald Trump passing another round of fiscal ‘stimulus’ to avoid what could easily become the second Great Depression?

No question at all, in my brain. Emphasis on brain. I’ve placed ‘stimulus’ in quotes for good reason. More on that much later.

I realize how politicians are quick to help large businesses and rich folks but only talk about the middle class during an election year — but THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR.

That’s why I ignored Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wet-towel response to a second ‘stimulus’ round a few weeks ago.

The government can continue to think business-first all day, but consumer spending still represents 70 percent of the US economy.

Making new widgets few can buy and reopening stores even fewer will visit ignores the fact that that the people — empty wallets and all — still have the power.

Plus, this is an election year.

So sure, there will be more ‘stimulus’ to pass around. I just hope policymakers will think to help the poverty class more.

But none of us have been terribly good at predicting this year. My tarot cards quit in January. Plus, Trump and his Republican enablers don’t deal in logical thought patterns like the rest of us would hope.

Still, he appears to want the Big Chair for another four years …

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