White Rage lecture by author Carol Anderson

Lecture on White supremacy by Emory University professor Carol Anderson. Post by Kambui on mentalunrest blog
Dr. Anderson breaks down how White Supremacy operates in modern America

White robes and hoods are no longer required to reign supreme.

Big thanks to reader “Ess” for passing along this video of a talk given by White Rage author Dr. Carol Anderson at Emory University. Feel free to pass along to friends who wish to deepen their understanding of systemic racial injustice in America.

White supremacy, in its urgency to minimize or vanquish the existence of Blackness for the benefit of not sharing America with others, has repeatedly presented itself as an existential threat to the very nation it claims to cherish. I think Dr. Anderson made this point clear in her recollection of how pro-segregation politicians from the South — in the face of  a nationally-mandated focus on education in preparation for the so-called space race with Russia — placed more energy toward preserving segregated school schemas than providing equitable education for all races. Only rage can explain such targeted, consistent, and centuries-long marginalization toward African descendants.

More broadly, consider the wasted energy White supremacists spend on achieving — in lack of a better term — superiority. Their chase toward an apocryphal status, with citizens of a different color or status cast under raging wheels, only has left a trail of tattered dignity, violently-drawn blood, a ripped constitution, and a stronger will to animate America’s promise.

What White supremacists fail to understand is that the status they rage after is ever-fleeting. And they’re running out of road.

Video is embedded below.

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