Police beating resulted in 9 staples to activist Jason Rosenberg’s head Tuesday night

Jason Rosenberg after beating and arrest by New York City police department
Source: Twitter

Warning: please skip this post if you are easily triggered by video or other media that describes police violence.

Cops hate the phrase “Fuck the police”.

In my experience, no one is raised to say “Fuck the police.” People are conditioned over time to say it.

The people who say “Fuck the police” speak from their interactions with the police.

Or the experiences learned from friends, family and community members who have brutal or otherwise negative interactions with the police.

I know Jason Rosenberg well enough to know that he’s not a violent man.

He has a beautiful heart. Always ready to help others.

Jason has also been a staunch ally of Black Lives Matter.

So much of an ally, that calling him an ally is an understatement.

He also organizes with ACT-UP.

And despite Jason’s non-violent disposition, New York City cops brutally beat him and others last night.

Jason explains further in a video he shared on Twitter. Please scroll past the embedded media below and do not touch this link if you are triggered by violence or its results.

Source: Twitter.

Jason now has nine staples in his head, in addition to a broken arm.

The police never gave Jason medical attention while in custody. They never cared.

Thankfully, Jason is out of the hospital today. 

Needless to say the price for breaking the city’s curfew while peacefully protesting should never be a cracked skull and a broken arm — especially in a country that has promised freedom and democracy.

Perhaps NYPD, like other police departments across America, thought the cure to the current social unrest — prompted by George Floyd’s murder by Minnesota police, shooting deaths like transgender person Tony McDade by Tallahassee officers, and police violence in general — is suppressive force.

In other words, more violence.

But no one can suppress the idea and yearning for justice.

And the cops responsible for beating Jason and his comrades last night only succeeded in creating converts to the despised refrain:

song currently  in my head: “1000 deaths” – d’angelo

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