Soul, Jazz and Dance Music: Roger Williams comes through again with a podcast for the earhole

roger williams soulsorts mental unrest post by kambui
Another side of Soulsorts

I’m going to add more music posts to this blog. All kinds of music. Old and new. We need to break up the heavily-political posts with a different set of vibes. But don’t worry — I don’t plan to dilute a single race or political post.

I’m currently relistening to the third installment of music podcaster Roger Williams’ Something Different series, posted last Sunday on Starpoint Radio. The songs fit a category I lovingly call “Groove” — a junction of sorts for Soul, Jazz-Dance (including the highly danceable forms of J-Jazz), Bossa and light House music to keep the head nodding.

And as always, you can download Williams’ broadcasts. Show is embedded below …

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