The Biden nomination shows that White supremacy has won. Again.

Even if the reigning White Supremacist in Chief has to drone “I’m the greatest President ever” from his political grave to a hypothetical President-elect Joe Biden in January 2021, White supremacy still wins.

I’ll start with the premise my axiom that President Donald Trump is either the iconic leader of the modern White supremacy movement, or — like many others — a tacit supporter of it.

Which effectively makes Trump a White supremacist.

And please, don’t waste your time arguing with me over how blatant or subtle his brand of White supremacy is.

Because White supremacy is White supremacy. And it occupies the thought space of many Democrats.

Which brings up the more important item to discuss: Trump’s White male supremacy has scared the Democrats into chiseling past a 28-layer presidential candidate sheath that included six women, three African Americans with one of them being a woman, two Latinos, one Asian, and at least one openly-gay man (I think there’s another one in the field who refuses come out but I won’t go there today) to uncover the perceived, anti-Trump nougat for 2020: an unsweetened White man with two embarrassing Presidential campaign flame-outs, an arguably racist past and a rape accusation hanging over his head.

Yeah, and is not a Democratic Socialist.

Everyone knows a compromise was made. Democrats ARE NOT excited about voting for Joe Biden:

presidential elections enthusiasm gap biden vs trump abc news and washington post poll march 29, 2020
Source: ABC News and Washington Post poll, March 29, 2020

Why should Biden get a shot at the Big Chair?

Because of his original ideas? He didn’t have any!

His racial justice track record? Please. Even the crickets are dead.

His heroic stance against mass incarceration? Hasn’t happened yet. We’ll see.

His long-standing history of lifting people out of poverty? Unless you’re a broke banker, stop dreaming.

Biden will win the Democratic nomination because he’s considered the most acceptable option among anti-Socialist voters, who are tacit supporters of White male supremacy, to beat Trump in November.

You’ve heard these questions throughout the primary season.

“Is America ready for a Black woman president?”

“Will Americans vote for a gay person to be President?”

“Is America ready for an Asian?”

Trump has been inserted so deeply in the heads of Democrats that they looked for someone who they felt could beat him this fall, but not upset other other White Supremacists who could vote Democrat.

And the choice happens to oatmeal. No sugar, no sauce.

Any candidate who insists they aren’t racist but needed time and public pressure to realize that calling two White supremacist legislators “friends” is wack, and recommends rockin’ the record player as a prescription for Black families helping their children to succeed in school has no inclination — short of a divine reckoning of the soul — to dismantle White supremacy.

Therefore, White Supremacy wins this round.

Does dismantling White supremacy sound radical? Perhaps too radical?

Is your answer “Yes”?

Well, you’ve demonstrated why I call out people for being tacit supporters of White supremacy — they don’t want to dismantle it and their choice in candidates prove that point.

I apologize to my readers who are now supporting Biden because they feel all other options have been removed, save for the more evil and incumbent one. You want this version of the nation’s nightmare to exit the White House, soon after Election Day.

I get it.

But you now understand why I call Democrats the Party of no Guts …

song currently stuck in my head: “nature boy” – miles davis

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