Trump’s big lie of the moment: why he wants to freeze WHO funding

While hospitals — IN AMERICA —  are experiencing a shortage of swabs to test patients for coronavirus, President Donald Trump continues to blame everyone else for the descent of America’s healthcare system to a third-world existence.

Ironic. America ran out of Third World candidates to mack, so America colonized itself.

But that’s not this story.

Trump’s latest FOS salvo is so blatant where fancy research work isn’t needed to bust his lying azz: he wants to withhold funding from the World Health Organization (WHO), and then connects this idea to “bad” coronavirus information he received from WHO.

Y’all know he’s looking for the perfect reason — among a flurry of reasons he’s already made up — to escape all the coronavirus deaths he’s caused through managerial incompetence.

Still, his latest blame play is BS. on February 11 — nearly two months ago and during coronavirus’ ramp-up in China’s Wuhan Province, UN Dispatch reported that the Trump Administration proposed a 53% cut to WHO:

Even as the WHO is dispatching staff to China, helping prevent the spread of the virus to other countries and regions of the world, and providing a central clearing house for scientific information about the virus, the Trump administration is seeking onerous cuts.


And while that was going on, WHO was working with China to address the unfolding crisis (still from UN Dispatch):

Team Trump also proposed eliminating funding to UNICEF.

In other words, Trump wanted to make these cuts all along and is using the current pandemic as a trigger.


No doubt WHO’s performance during this crisis hasn’t been perfect, but I wouldn’t call Trump’s performance — especially given his missed opportunity to gather and leverage the available COVID-19 experiences from China and WHO, as well as the two heads-up pandemic memos he didn’t read — strokes of managerial brilliance

Trump has deaths on his ledger and has been trying to lie them away ever since …

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