It’s Time to Do Something About This American Rape Culture

In my Harvey Weinstein piece earlier today, I promised a separate post about America’s problem of sexual assaults against women.

I’m reminded of a female friend of mine who paid me a late-night visit and appeared a bit rattled. Not highly emotional, but clearly bothered.

She then described her past few hours to me. It started with drinks in the loft of a distant cousin where she became intoxicated, leading to Cuz concluding that he should have sex with her.

His advances were not welcomed, and my friend had to physically fight him off to underscore this point.

Still buzzed, she hailed a taxi, and fell asleep during the ride home.

She woke up minutes later to find the taxi driver mounting her in the backseat while attempting to remove her clothes.

So … she once again had to fight for her body. She won, in a manner of speaking.

She came to me that evening because she wanted to talk with someone who would keep his hands to himself.

Some of you will undoubtedly read about my friend’s night and say she shouldn’t have been drunk.

You people are idiots.

Admittedly, I have a recurring bead of advice for people who go out drinking, male or female: you should avoid getting drunk — given your presumably vulnerable physical state — but if you choose to do so, make sure you’re with people you can trust your life with.

Having said that, I completely support this crazy idea …

Well, at least crazy to some of you …

… That being drunk entitles you to a sex-free evening, if that’s your choice.

After first hearing my friend’s story, I kept repeating to myself: “two almost-rapes in one night?? One woman!”

It’s no wonder the US gender gap in perception of physical safety (27%!) is wider than the same metrics found in war-torn nations.

I think it’s time we stop ignoring this brutalized form of male privilege …

song currently stuck in my head: “i believe (principle faith mix)” – sounds of blackness

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