You Voted for Death Panels Last November

Do you remember back in 2009 when Party of No Brains Governor Sarah Palin prohesized that the Party of No Guts’ attempt to reform the American healthcare system would result in the formation of death panels that would determine who lives and dies?

Well — dare I say this — she was right

… Except the death panels were formed by her own party, who in turn crafted a death proposal they call the American Healthcare Act.

And that means all of you who voted for the Party of No Brains during last November’s elections also voted for death panels.

There’s a hard truth about bad public policy that many people are too diplomatic to discuss: people DIE as a result of bad policy.

Or, bad policy becomes an obstruction to saving people from death.
Therefore, people still die.

The moment you implement a policy that separates people from their ability to generate wealth at a pace equivalent to the cost of living, or denies them access to health or safety, DEATH follows.

And the Party of No Brains recently tried to “cure” America’s healthcare problem by proposing legislation that would have KILLED people.

Death is the outcome when you make healthcare too expensive for the elderly to purchase.

Death is the outcome when millions of people are removed from health insurance plans.

Death is the outcome when you cut funding to maternity care and mental health.

But few people talk about the Party of No Brains’ American Healthcare Act in these terms.

But not this blog.

Since 2011, the Party of No Brains voted on Obamacare no less than 50 times, which included measures to repeal or replace it.

I could only pray that Congress spends at least a third of such focused energy to eliminate American poverty or destroy Al-Nusra in Syria …

… But these clowns had seven years — more than that when you consider the time spent between the Affordable Care Act’s pre-passage debate and their mid-term conquest of the House of Representatives — to craft a replacement to Obamacare, and the only option they can come up with is a plan that KILLS people?

And for people who’ve given President Trump the benefit of Teflon, There’s no good conclusion you can reach from his endorsement of a policy that leads to people dying.

Trump either never pressed for the death proposal’s details, couldn’t stretch his brain to make the conclusion that death would have been an outcome for many, or simply didn’t care whether or not people would die as a result of the new law.

I have a question for you Party of No Brains fans: how does it feel to vote for a pro-life party that sat down at a meeting table to make decisions about which of your friends or family members would have to die?

How can the same “Party of Fetus Fixations” propose cuts to maternity care and think that’s an expression of love for life or this country?

And while the AHA …

… By the way, folks really need to think harder about the way their legislative titles can be converted to acronyms …

… has been defeated for now, do you realize that the Party of No Brains death panel still exists, and their plans to kill the current healthcare system you with hundreds of slower and smaller lacerations will quietly proceed?

Don’t you Party of No Brains fans feel as if you’ve been played by your leaders?

The Party of No Guts is not innocent here. Both Obamacare and AHA reflect willful bipartisan ignorance of a key driver behind high healthcare costs: the health insurance companies serving as intermediaries between you and your doctor — and then charging progressively higher premiums for this privilege to satisfy demanding shareholders.

You could say the health insurance industry’s half-billion dollar lobbying expenditure on both major parties is really woof ticket money.

Which explains why these companies were never named when one party stood behind an increasingly expensive and crumbling healthcare solution for nearly seven years with no intention of proposing an alternative fix, and the other party had no solution for the same amount of time — and then they threw together one that would kill people.

Therefore, the woofing you see from both sides of the aisle is a perverted game …

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