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Why America’s Losing Its Mind Over Silk Road 2.0

Another sun tries to rise again in the East, and may take the form of a new Silk Road — resplendent with high-speed transportation and communication infrastructures; large-scale mining projects; a rail and maritime distribution strategy that will connect East … Continue reading

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A Bomb and $350 Billion Proved Trump is FOS About Fighting Terrorism

It took Islamic State follower Salman Abedi and a bomb to kill 22 people just outside a Manchester Ariana Grande concert to prove a point a few of you already suspected: President Donald Trump is completely FOS about fighting terrorism. … Continue reading

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94 Percent — The Sad Truth About Democrats and the Obama Economic Recovery

Hillary Clinton blaming the calendar for why she’s not your President today elucidates my earlier points about the Democratic Party running from salvation — as if they’ve discovered a shortcut to redemption. The calendar fails to adequately explain one of … Continue reading

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You Voted for Death Panels Last November

Do you remember back in 2009 when Party of No Brains Governor Sarah Palin prohesized that the Party of No Guts’ attempt to reform the American healthcare system would result in the formation of death panels that would determine who lives and … Continue reading

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President Obama Drops Bomb on Team Clinton and DNC: Emails Were Not Hacked

President Obama dropped a bomb on his way out the White House — besides the one he left, B2-style, with a suspected Islamic State camp in Libya. The President indicated during his final White House press conference that the Democratic … Continue reading

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    Let’s quickly replay what happened in Egypt during the past four years and four months, leading up to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent talk with Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The US supported a brutal Egyptian … Continue reading

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