Sunday Smack: Is Steve Bannon the Frantz Fanon of White People?

Frantz Fanon, Steve Bannon

The Strange Persistence of Guilt” piece by New York Times writer David Brooks — where he equates President Donald Trump’s chief strategist and Alt-Right icon Steve Bannon with Martiniquan psychologist, writer, philosopher and radical Frantz Fanon — is the inspiration for today’s Sunday Smack.

Before Brooks raised eyebrows with his comparison, he provided some context:

… America’s heartland populists see themselves as the victims of the oppressive coastal elites.

He then dropped this pairing:

Steve Bannon is the Frantz Fanon of the whites.

There’s almost no argument that America’s heartland has also suffered during the past four decades of growing income inequality.

And Bannon is arguably the intellectual voice for many working class Whites.

But others would argue that the historical backdrop for Bannon and Fanon are highly dissimilar.

Let me know what you think:

Is Steve Bannon the Frantz Fanon of White people?

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