Goodbye, Al Jarreau

al jarreau dead jazz

You would think years of false alarms about the death of seven-time grammy-winning singer Al Jarreau would prepare me for hearing about his actual departure today.

But they didn’t.

Jarreau belongs to a very small circle of vocalists who won over Jazz, Pop and R&B audiences during their careers.

But what makes Jarreau a unique performer is the way his vocals easily traverse rhythmic, poetic, and chordal planes — and seamlessly merges them at will. Hearing him sing reminds me of watching a gymnast move — incredible strength but with grace, dexterity and elite athleticism.

With no controversies or testimonials of foul behavior, he leaves this planet as a beautiful human being with a rare aesthetic, and loved by many.

I embedded Jarreau’s 1976 We Got By album below, which I think is trans-genre brilliance.

Rest in Love, Al …

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