Sunday Smack: Will Black Lives Matter Movement Wither Under Trump?

black lives matter trump

This week’s Sunday Smack concerns the Black Lives Matter movement in a Trump world.

In September 2015, historian Victor Davis Hanson placed the BLM on death watch, and predicted its end to occur one year later:

But like all the other past racially chauvinistic movements, “Black Lives Matter” will fail to convince anyone outside a small subset of African-American urban youth to embrace its ideology and advocacy. A year from now it will become another artifact like [the 1990s slogan “It’s a black thing.”

Arrgh … I’m not supposed to inject my opinion in Sunday Smack — and I won’t. I’ll simply say that I never thought “It’s a black thing” was a movement …

It's a black thing bart simpson

Anyway, Hanson cites racial chauvinism and reasoning based on lies as a few of the reasons for why BLM isn’t long for this world.

The movement still exists — one year and four months after Hanson’s prediction.

However, President Donald Trump’s pre-election promises of “law and order” to predominantly White audiences make me think that he plans to aggressively suppress thoughts that differ from his — with BLM representing a prime elimination target.

And that thought brings up my Sunday Smack:

What will the Black Lives Matter movement look like during the Trump administration?

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