Here’s another interesting Wikileaks email that surfaced: Vice Presidential choices for Hillary Clinton — including eight Black people!

This past March, John podesta emailed a list of running mate options to Clinton “Organized by food group,” Podesta explained. He never provided names to these groupings so I took a crack at labeling:

Catalyzing Latinos

Javier Becerra
Julian Castro
Eric Garcetti
Tom Perez
Ken Salazar

Prominent Women

Tammy Baldwin
Kirsten Gillibrand
Amy Klobuchar
Claire McKaskill
Jeanne Shaheen
Debbie Stabenow
Elizabeth Warren

Boring-Azz White Guys

Michael Bennet
Sherrod Brown
Martin Heinreich
Tim Kaine
Terry McAuliffe
Chris Murphy
Tom Vilsack

Safe-Azz Black Guys

Steve Benjamin
Corey Booker
Andrew Gillum
Eric Holder
Deval Patrick
Kasim Reed
Anthony Foxx

Star Generals

John Allen
Bill McCraven
Mike Mullen

Corporatists & Ballin’ Non-Profit Chiefs

Mary Barra
Michael Bloomberg
Ursula Burns
Tim Cook
Bill Gates
Melinda Gates
Muhtar Kent
Judith Rodin
Howard Schultz

For Jokes, But Just in Case …

Bernie Sanders

Ursula Burns, an African descendant, was grouped with the Corporatists, et al. I’m reminded of an interesting Wikileaks-disclosed exchange she had with Clinton in March 2014 — using financial market terms — to figure out if the former was down with marijuana legalization (there’s plenty of money to be made from that kind of intel, you know …):

URSULA BURNS: So long means thumbs up, short means thumbs down; or long means I support, short means I don’t. I’m going to start with — I’m going to give you about ten long-shorts.
SECRETARY CLINTON: Even if you could make money on a short, you can’t answer short.
URSULA BURNS: You can answer short, but you got to be careful about letting anybody else know that. They will bet against you. So legalization of pot?
SECRETARY CLINTON: Short in all senses of the word.

(Laughing) I didn’t take Kasim Reed’s VP chances seriously since he’s still at work gentrifying the entire city of Atlanta(!) Soon, there won’t be a single Black person living north of College Park.

But forget about my opinions — what are YOUR thoughts about the VP list?

song currently stuck in my head: “phnxdwn” – vestige

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