Trump hates women

It’s disappointing to find that the remaining 29 days before the Presidential elections — despite the known data about Donald Trump having so many “ists” capping his description that it’s more efficient to call him a hateful pig who can only see the world through a White male’s lens, and Hillary Clinton’s role as the warrior queen who may represent America’s last hope to risk a war or two as a way to sustain its empire reach — will turn into a Trump porno tape hunt.

No offense to Annette Henry, of course.

Hillary Clinton nuclear war

Anyone whose brain allows them to synthesize oxygen knows that Trump has always been a hateful pig with a White man’s lens.

The now famous “hot mic” tape changes nothing for me. “Misogynist” has always been on my list of “ists” to describe Trump.

That’s why I think anyone hit with a new wave of shock about the latest Trump news — That includes Senator Paul Ryan  — is either some kind of walking bacteria or full of crap.

Anger? Hell yeah. Shock? C’mon …

What I consider shocking is how Warrior Queen, even with the tailwind she received from the new wave of anti-“Grab them by the puss” rage, leads Pig by only five percentage points in national polls.

real clear politics clinton trump poll

On the other hand, I’m not so surprised. I think Americans are beginning to understand what an oligarch’s hired gun looks like.

In just one email out of the 2,000 that Wikileaks recently published from a hack against Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, we have evidence that the first female Democratic nominee for US President is a Wall Street bank booster, believes in hiding her private policy positions from the public, admits to being removed from the lives of poor and middle class folks and supports a cross-border trade framework that looks a helluva lot like the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade deal, mind you, whose passage she insists being opposed to.

Tonight’s Presidential debate should be fun … !

song currently stuck in my head: “star of a story” – george benson [peace be with rod temperton, who wrote this song and has now left the planet … ]

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