trump and conservative principles

Oooh, baby — this sounds desperate.

Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib just made an indirect appeal to the Party of No Brains supporters’ sense of ideology as a way to stop Donald Trump’s raging campaign for the party’s nomination.

In his Donald Trump Nomination Would Change GOP Philosophy, Not Just Leadership piece, Seib writes about how a Trump nomination would turn PoNBs supporters into RINOs.

Hell, that trend has been occurring for years!

For instance, Seib says supporting Trump would mean to give up the PoNBs principle of free trade, as written in the party’s platform:


How, for example, would a party that traditionally has stood for free trade alter its position if its nominee has espoused punitive tariffs on imports from China?


Like the PoNBs wants to act as if they don’t support restrictive tariffs to protect US farmers. What kind of free trade is that?

And before you liberals begin to color-trip, the Party of No Guts also supports the same kinds of tariffs. Plus, farm subsidies — another practice supported by both political parties — are simply one-sided backdoor paths to tariffs.

Seib has this to say about about religious freedom:


How does a party whose members have declared religious liberty a core issue square that belief with a nominee who has called for surveillance of mosques?


I wonder if Seib has surveyed the PoNBs members’ attitudes about Muslims lately …


The piece explains how Trump’s defense of eminent domain is also against the party’s principles:


Conservatives dislike the idea, though, and it will be hard to square fulsome support for eminent domain with this passage from the 2012 Republican platform:

“The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment—‘nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation’—is a bulwark against tyranny; for without property rights, individual rights are diminished. That is why we deplore the Supreme Court’s Kelo v. New London decision, allowing local governments to seize a person’s home or land, not for vital public use, but for transfer to private developers.”


Oh, please. As President and leader of the PoNBs in 2006, George The Second issued an Executive Order on June 23 that was supposed to limit eminent domain, but actually helped to support the practice.

The hard truth is that the PoNBs has publicly morphed into a shadow of its 1980s Reaganesque image.

The key words are publicly and image.

This means Trump can’t be blamed for changing the PoNBs. Like a Boys and Girls Club, he only provided the home for today’s Conservatives to be themselves …

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