blacks, african americans and democratic party

This week’s Sunday Smack draws from some personal family experience — or more specifically, that of my Grandmother on Dad’s side of the family. Everyone in the community called her “Mother.”

Before Mother owned a candy store, she cleaned homes for a living.

Mother had a client, a wealthy White woman, who considered Mother a valuable worker and close friend.

The woman served Mother lunch one afternoon, as a demonstration of gratitude, when the woman’s dog constantly and angrily barked at Mother throughout the meal.

The woman apologized for her pet’s behavior and explained “The dog is just mad because you’re eating out of her bowl.”

Mother loved dogs but like many people, she doesn’t share eating utensils with animals that lick their genitals or those of other animals.

My Sunday Smack to you is: “Does this story remind you of the Democratic Party’s relationship with African Americans?

While you’re at it, answer this question raised by talk show host Tanya Free a while back: “Do you think it’s time to launch a multi-racial third political party?”

song currently stuck in my head: “three times bossa” – mop mop

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