reclaim mlk social justice

” …Some respectable Negro leaders who are more concerned about being invited to the White House then invited to the cause of justice … ”

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech in Cleveland, OH, April 28, 1967

For a while, I’ve been writing about the Martin Luther King Jr. no one mentions.

An MLK whose 1963 dream was disrupted by the reality that riding in the front of a newly-segregated bus will not help the poor as well as people of color get jobs or feed their families.

An MLK who viewed the United States’ military adventures in Vietnam as an “Evil war.”

An MLK who eventually became President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s estranged ally in the struggle for civil rights.

An MLK who was deemed an intolerable threat by elements within the US government, who in turn targeted him for assassination.

That last point is not a hollow conspiracy theory — it’s a blunt and disappointing fact.

My Sunday Smack this week requires you to watch the video clip below of MLK’s 1967 interview with NBC News and then answer a question: why do you think your friends likely pay little attention to the speeches and thinking shared by MLK during the last two years of his life?

song currently stuck in my head: “fashion” – david bowie

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