It’s been almost 24 hours since I heard about David Bowie’s leaving this planet, and I still can’t compute.

This isn’t the time to do name-calling, so I’ll simply say that some artists — you know, the ones whose reputations lead with the cars they drive or consumer product tattoos on their faces — will disappear one day, but I doubt that many fans will think the music world has permanently lost a part of itself as a result.

David Bowie’s not that kind of artist.

Bowie brought glam to his craft well before Lady Gaga’s arrival, before Marilyn Manson’s Shock Rock act and about a decade before Madonna’s early start in Danceteria. And he influenced all of them.

Bowie was an integral part of my formative music education because I never believed music should be contained by artificial labels or boundaries, and neither did he.

I thank him for five decades of great music and enigma.

I’m in the mood for hearing “Starman” right now …

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