He was called “Distracted” in a personnel assessment file.


“Could not follow simple directions.”

Cannot “Communicate clear thoughts nor recollections.”

The “Weepy” person is Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann, pictured above, who recently avoided a grand jury indictment for the shooting death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year old African descendant. Loehmann’s partner, Officer Frank Garmback, has avoided charges as well.

Loehmann’s competence assessment was written by Jim Polak, Deputy Chief of the Independence, Ohio police department, where Loehmann tried to become a cop in a 2012.

Loehmann’s father says his son left the Independence police gig in search of more law enforcement “action” in a larger city.

In fact — well, between his tearful meltdowns at the police gun range in Independence — Timothy Loehmann discussed his desire to become a cop in New York City.

But like everything else that’s irrational about Loehmann and the Tamir Rice killing, the troubled wannabe cop — prior to landing a patrolman job with the Cleveland police department — was rejected by law enforcement agencies across the state of Ohio.

Cleveland.com reported that Loehmann scored 46 percent on the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department written exam in 2013. The passing grade was 70. The exam questions had less to do with specific law enforcement topics, and more to do with one’s ability to think and communicate.

The Akron, Ohio police department passed on the idea of hiring Loehmann.

The Euclid police department also rejected Loehmann.

So did Parma Heights.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Loehmann tried to join other police departments across the country, given this pattern of application and rejection.

Only Heaven and the NYPD know if Loehmann tried to wear a badge in NYC.

And then something mind-boggling occurred: Loehmann was hired by the Cleveland police department in March 2014.

Cleveland never inquired about Loehman’s experience at Independence, let alone his failed application tries across the state.

Given that Loehmann’s mental wiring deficiency resulted in about a half-dozen law enforcement agencies — that we know of — rejecting him prior to the Cleveland police job offer, can you imagine what went through his mind after receiving a radio dispatch call in November 2014 about a person with a gun, namely Rice?

The Information I just shared has been available over a year, but I felt a review is necessary to make a broader point.

Perhaps you can say that through Rice, an innocent boy who even Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty acknowledges had no intention of harming anyone, Loehmann finally got to see the “big city action” he always wanted.

But you can also say Loehmann and his victim share something in common: low standards.

Loehmann’s history of personal and professional failures shows that the standard set for Loehmann to prove he has the mental capacity to become a Cleveland cop is arguably low.

Meanwhile, the standard set for Black boys like Tamir Rice to die from what Loehmann’s bosses call an unfortunate mistake is also low …

This combination of low standards will almost guarantee death …

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