Dallas police officer Amber Guyger — killer of Botham Shem Jean — may still retain God status after her arrest

Amber Guyger arrested for shooting Botham Shem Jean

Off-duty Dallas, Texas police officer Amber Guyger walks into civilian Botham Shem Jean‘s apartment last Thursday night — because she thought it was her residence — and then shoots Jean to death because she thought he was an intruder.

The incident is another example of how cops are treated as God.



Not capable of making mistakes or deadly actions driven by some form of prejudice.

And even if cops actually did something awful, it’s just a part of Cops’ Plan — right?

Guyger’s been arrested tonight for manslaughter in connection to Jean’s death, but an arrest is a long distance from court conviction when a cop is involved.

We could go even further and say police officers are even more revered than God is.

You may or may not believe in any sort of deity, but play along with me for a minute and say that you do.

After you’ve lost your home, family, friends, wealth and even your state of mind, you have a statutory right in this country to say “Hey y’all, I’m no longer down with Team God because my messed-up life only shows how God never even existed to have my back.” You may have also thrown in a curse word or two on your way out the temple doors.

And yet you can be arrested in America for saying “F*** the police” after you think they’ve they’ve made life harder for you.

But Amber Guyger just took a human life and nearly 72 hours later, wasn’t questioned by her own Police Department about the matter.

You could be an airplane mechanic whose error in judgment resulted in deaths from a passenger flight crash, and you’ll be immediately questioned before facing manslaughter charges.

But in a staggering number of cases, cops have made deadly errors in judgment — 12-year old Tamir Rice’s killer quickly comes to mind — and have been acquitted of criminal charges.

Sounds like wannabe gods to me, at minimum, and I’m sure the Dallas Police Department will gladly accept tithes contributions for Amber Guyger or her fellow officers’ emotional health after the shooting.

Meanwhile, we’re left to guess that wretched-of-the-earth Botham Shem Jean doesn’t have a criminal background since the media hasn’t been so keen to share that information.

Plus Jean’s clean record will matter just as little as the reason for his death.

It’s all a part of Guyger’s Plan, I suppose …

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