fifa corruption scandal

While most Americans don’t seem to care about the brewing FIFA corruption scandal, I’m equally amused and annoyed about how the US Justice Department can find the time and energy to file criminal charges against an international soccer organization, but can’t seem to arrest banking executives for laundering the money of Saudi terrorists and Mexican drug cartels; rigging bids in money-skimming municipal bond deals; stealing from pension funds; taking homes from respective owners who didn’t even have mortgages; fixing interest rates across global markets; making money by selling bad investments, and then making even more money by betting against the same investments; and otherwise crashing the global economy in 2008 while disintegrating trillions of dollars in wealth.

The Justice Department can’t even summon the guts to charge a predatorily racist suburban St Louis police department with racketeering

(Laughing) Is the US mad because it didn’t win any of the recent World Cup host bids?

song currently stuck in my head: “chicago señorita” – harrison bankhead

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