The latest US antics in the face of Islamic State’s (ISIL) growing caliphate could have been a Monty Python sketch.

First, we were supposed to be dazzled when the US held a look at how awesome our military is press conference to brag about the Special Forces raid and hit job on a suspected ISIL leader’s home in Syria, then we hear news that ISIL’s expansion continues with its takeover of Syria’s Palmyra and Iraq’s Ramadi.

I mean what the hell is the use of bragging about raids when you’re not holding territory, or forcing the enemy from theirs?

Not unless ISIL isn’t an enemy—for now. More on that in a moment.

But I almost laughed when US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter eloquently explained ISIL’s recent score in Iraq: the Iraqi military lacks the will to fight.

In other words, the Iraqi military is full of punks. That’s the problem.

Apologies in advance for tearing down your belief in this charade, but how does the Punk Theory explain the Syrian government’s inability to purge ISIL—even with US airstrikes and troops from Iran and Hezbollah?

Iran clearly doesn’t buy the Punk Theory.

ISIL’s growth has been no surprise to me or anyone else who’s been checking this site during the past few months.

Despite borderline psycho Senator John McCain’s charge that Team Obama has no ISIL strategy, I think the Administration actually has one—its called Do Nothing or Not Enough, Yet.

I’ve said before that ISIL is a bunch of disposable jihadists which the US hopes will aid in forcing regime change in Syria, Re-balkanize the Middle East region to a new schematic, as well as weaken Iran’s position as a regional power. the Saudis hearts and money are fully behind the first and third goals, at minimum. Also, look at this public claim from Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, about an agreement his country reached with the US where the Syrian rebels will receive American fighter jet support.

I doubt that the US cares if Iraq’s fight against ISIL results in the country splitting into three parts—for Sunnis, Shias and Kurds, of course—which bleed into whatever is left of Syria.

I’m also not convinced ISIL is under complete control by its financiers and enablers, which makes this US gamble more dangerous…

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