elizabeth warren speech about bailout provision in omnibus bill

Senator Elizabeth Warren demonstrated the courage to not only call out Wall Street’s takeover of the US Government, but to also cite Citigroup-inserted language in the recent Senate spending omnibus bill which paves the way for the bankstas to put their hands in our pockets again by way of a future bailout.

Senator Warren gave examples of the Citigroup infestation:

…[I]ts grip over economic policymaking in the [US Government’s] Executive branch is unprecedented.

Consider just a few examples.

Three of the last four (US) Treasury Secretaries under Democratic presidents have had close Citigroup ties.

The fourth was offered the CEO position at Citigroup, but turned it down.

The Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve System is a Citigroup Alum.

The Undersecretary for International Affairs at Treasury is a Citigroup alum.

The US Trade Representative and the person nominated to be his deputy—who is currently an Assistant Secretary at Treasury—are Citigroup alums.

A recent Chairman of the National Economic Council at the White House was a Citigroup alum.

Another recent Chairman of the Office of Management and Budget went to Citigroup immediately after leaving the White House.

And another recent Chairman of the Office of Management and Budget—also a Citi alum—but I’m double-counting here because he’s now the Secretary of the Treasury.

Needless to say there are additional banks who wield plenty of Beltway influence.

The Senator gets my Speech of the Week prize. Watch her remarks below…

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