st. louis county and ferguson missouri police crack down on protesters in august
(Credit: AP/Jeff Roberson

On the one hand, you have President Obama—albeit late—discussing Ferguson, Missouri and the Michael Brown shooting as examples of America’s imperfect and unjust criminal justice system, while the other has one of the President’s federal agencies creating a no-fly zone over Ferguson this past August so that that media helicopters could not record the police department’s heavy-handed crackdown on protestors.

We already had the sense that we can’t trust the leadership of what increasingly appears as a massive, regional racketeering operation that operates under the guise of municipal charter provisions.

But this latest piece of news doesn’t inspire confidence that Obama is capable of cleaning up the mess that he admits is a blemish on American democracy…

Song currently stuck in my head: “this i dig of you” – hank mobley

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