You’re going to see something very predictable these days—the racial bias deniers who support the Ferguson, Missouri police department and the socially decrepit leadership of Police Chief Thomas Jackson, will scream Black-on-White racism allegations in response to US Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement about the need for “wholesale change” in that police agency.

The Ferguson Police Cheerleaders will then commit another predictable act—share this YouTube video of an African-American Philadelphia police officer yelling obscenities at a teen of the same color while threatening to inflict bodily harm:

Then The Cheerleaders will likely yell, “I’ll bet that Holder won’t investigate his own kind,” or that “Black cops harass their own kind, so how is police brutality racism?”

Perhaps folks are exercising a willful dissonance of thought.

The central issue is not White cops vs Black folks—even though most of Ferguson’s police officers are White. Hell, Black cops killed Black citizens in South Africa, during and after apartheid. The issue looks more like Blue vs. Black—or even Blue vs. Everybody—which is symptomatic of a larger problem…

song currently stuck in my head: “i still feel the thrill” – anubis feat. larry ellis

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