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You have to give Neocons like the Bush Junior Administration props for their near-perfect ability to plan, market, sell, implement, distribute and license wars—even if the results don’t turn out as planned, or you think their purposes for throwing down were dangerously selfish.

Like any perfect sale, buyers should always feel as if they are in charge of making the decision to buy; the salesperson simply presents the car. Bush’s men only need a 30-minute infomercial to make your Grandmama so turnt-up that she’s ready to grab a gun to do all the fighting for the young folks.

All the while, Bush’s men are saying to the public, “You can tell us to make any policy decision you want, as long as the outcome is war.”

But somehow, you never heard that part. You reach for your wallet.

So, what’s wrong with President Obama? I mean, we can be certain that he bought – or perhaps was forced to read – Bush Junior’s Make War 101 textbook, but Number 44’s passive-aggressive intellectualism doesn’t seem to possess the same deft-of-tongue to close the deal on wars as his predecessor had.

The problem may not be all Mr. Obama’s fault. After all, he cannot possibly reuse Bush The Second’s “Saddam Hussein has Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq” tactic by respectively inserting “Bashar al-Assad” and “Syria” in place of the person and country—particularly after Americans know by now that Bush’s Iraq invasion reasoning was dubious at best, and the world received independent verification that Syria’s chemical weapons are now destroyed, thanks to a nearly year-old Russia-brokered deal!


Word? Through ISIL, this time?

Obama’s team really believes we’re going to fall for that line again?

Let’s understand that Syria’s demise had been planned while Obama was still a local, Chicago politician. Also, read this report (pdf).

Moving the timeline forward a bit, Bush The Second and his team were actively preparing for regime change in Syria during Bush’s second term.

The history I just cited makes me guess is that Mr. Obama is either morally torn about bombing Syria, or he hasn’t read the “Best Sales Lines” section in Bush’s book. Yet.

Like I said before, ISIL served its purpose; the group is disposable through America’s eyes. After Assad falls, Hezbollah is next; then Iran. And yes, the US will be back in Iraq.

If Obama can’t pass the War class this term, the next President will simply have to step into the student’s seat. But war will remain the outcome…

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