Watching this animated Carlton gif  reminds me of a time in 2007 when then-Senator Barack Obama wasn’t considered “Black enough.”

I was also reminded of the time a young lady of African descent telling me that cow foot soup “Ain’t Black food.”

I’ve heard people say that listening to Jazz “Ain’t Black.”

Hell, I was told that my interest in African history books means that my pursuit of knowledge makes want to act like White folks. Yup, I laughed…

Which brings up an age-old but forever interesting question: What is Black?

song currently stuck in my head: “rosewood” – woody shaw

(Animated gif source: 90skindofworld)

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2 Responses to BLACK IS…?

  1. Christina says:

    People drive me crazy when they say that especially when they say listening to jazz music is not black…some of the greatest jazz artist where black.

    • mentalunrest says:

      You’re absolutely right, Christina. People seem to forget that most major music genres like Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Soul and others were created by Black folks…

      song currently stuck in my head: “adventures in the land of music” – dynasty

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