Watching this animated Carlton gif  reminds me of a time in 2007 when then-Senator Barack Obama wasn’t considered “Black enough.”

I was also reminded of the time a young lady of African descent telling me that cow foot soup “Ain’t Black food.”

I’ve heard people say that listening to Jazz “Ain’t Black.”

Hell, I was told that my interest in African history books means that my pursuit of knowledge makes want to act like White folks. Yup, I laughed…

Which brings up an age-old but forever interesting question: What is Black?

song currently stuck in my head: “rosewood” – woody shaw

(Animated gif source: 90skindofworld)

2 thoughts on “BLACK IS…?

  1. People drive me crazy when they say that especially when they say listening to jazz music is not black…some of the greatest jazz artist where black.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Christina. People seem to forget that most major music genres like Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Soul and others were created by Black folks…

      song currently stuck in my head: “adventures in the land of music” – dynasty

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