Obama NSA Yes We Scan
Image source: http://www.abine.com/blog/2013/a-collection-of-nsa-memes/

There were two things I tried to avoid doing out of respect for President Obama’s leadership when I posted about his so-called National Security Agency reforms yesterday – to use the term (O)bam(a)boozled despite my itchiness to do so, and to call these reforms BS. Perhaps I’m still being generous about the latter…

One of the reforms Obama proposed last Friday was to establish what he called an “outside” and “independent” commission to review the nation’s intelligence technology.

Then, Monday arrived!

The first thing Obama apparently did was to ditch of the words “Independent” and “outside” from his mental models, as evidenced by this memo he released.

Next, Obama announced the appointment of US National Intelligence Director and former Booz Allen exec, James Clapper, to head the Group Formerly Known as “Outside” and “Independent.”

B-T-H-U…James Clapper?

The same cat who lied to Congress about the NSA spying on Americans?

I don’t see reform here. Do you?

Therefore, Obama’s appointment of Clapper means the President must have suffered from brain seizure-induced memory loss.

Or, Obama hoped that Americans are stupid.

In either case, we’ve been (O)bam(a)boozled.

The events from last Friday and yesterday prove that the President has been dropping BS for a long time…

song currently stuck in my head: “tudo o que você podia ser” – milton nascimento 

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