White conscience is on Tuesday’s Presidential ballot

confederate flag that also says "donald trump for president" that seems to show support for donald trump

African Americans have long ago made up their minds about Trump.  But wassup with White people?

Trump’s anemic Platinum Plan overtures aside — and I still believe the motivation behind that trick is to peel away as much Black support for Presidential candidate Joe Biden as possible, instead of uplifting the lives of marginalized people — African Americans solidly remain behind Biden.

But how about White people?

In an ordinary universe, an American President who has turned one of public health history’s most awful judgments into more than 200,000 instances of human pandemic carnage; lied when he downplayed the pandemic’s deadly airborne transmission properties, and then explained he failed to warn Americans earlier to prepare accordingly because didn’t want to create a public panic; converted the relatively stable economy he inherited from his predecessor into a severe recession that may lead to millions of permanent job losses; committed human rights abuses against immigrant families; deployed government agencies to rig voting results by creating obstacles to vote, some of which have been put in place during the final weeks leading to the November elections; eviscerated existing laws like healthcare but failed to fulfill a stated promise to provide replacement policies; ignored the rights of trans people; encouraged armed White extremists to flex their vitriol and guns at anyone who differs in opinion from the President; provided loud hints that he will resort to fascism in order to silence his critics; and refused to look at a camera and state that one of the most oppressed groups in the United States, African descendants, matter.

But on Earth, and in the United States, not only President Trump’s name can be placed against all these atrocities against democracy, but he can also count on at least 40 percent of registered voters — most of whom are White — to vote for his reelection.

The recent Iowa state poll is especially concerning, where the Des Moines Register reports that Trump has regained his lead in the state, and says Biden’s position has “faded”.

Sure, “It’s just one poll,” may be your reply.

But I would still ask: “What’s on the ballot this Tuesday?”

White supremacy?

A renewal of the racist motivations that elected Trump in 2016?

Militia squads that, like the President, have little regard for democracy?

On-your-own economics in the face of a recession?

On-your-own healthcare?

Civil service workers who now have to choose between their jobs and MAGA ideology?

An accelerated and deeper journey into fascism?

While a declining number from 2016, more than 80 percent of Black voters have weighed the country’s consequences of either choice, and then favored Biden to be their candidate.

But the fact that Trump’s core supporters are solidly White tells me that many White Americans have a clearly different conscience.

A conscience that presents a different view of the choices, this country, the health and safety of Americans, and the future of democracy …

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