Funky 2-hour Detroit Techno Mix by DJ and producer Jamal Dixon

DJ and producer Jamal Dixon artwork for his two-hour mix for Minimal Detroit.

A guest DJ set for Minimal Detroit …

Jamal Dixon collaborated with beloved Detroit Techno collective, Minimal Detroit, to release a two-hour podcast mix that truly captures the hard-banging root of the genre.

“This is how I would play my sets,” is Dixon’s comment about the podcast. Refreshing to hear, since too many DJs these days put on their two-hour best for the cloud, but can’t keep the energy all night in a real-life club.

The set has a tasty Detroit vibe — from Chateau Flight’s remix of Brandy’s “Ritual” to Mr. G’s There’s Hope mix of Mike Grant’s “The Struggle of My People”. A true salute by Dixon to another music style that was born from African-descendant struggle. Afro Tech and Afro House will also come to mind when you listen. Set is embedded below.

By the way, I make no secret of being a Jamal Dixon fan. In addition to lighting up dance floors, he’s also creating urgent Dance Music for Nylon Trax. Check out my thoughts on his two EP releases this year, Brick City and the most recent Africans on Warren Street.

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