Aural Dive: “Maxine” by Saoul

The new single is out now

Funk as a music genre is far from dead.

For the moment, it’s spending time in the worthy hands of multi-instrumentalist Saoul in the form of “Maxine”, the funkiest track I’ve heard so far this year.

What makes Saoul’s Funk so unique for 2020 is that he moves beyond the basic, lower-shelf grooves and immerses himself in the filthy, psychedelic, Rock-tinged variety. And you will dance. No surprise for an artist who finds his inspiration in Sly Stone, Prince, and Stevie Wonder.

Plus, the lyrics are pandemic-ready for your home-alone party.

The rich is still getting /
Richer /
While your a$$ work from home.

Saoul — “Maxine”

Okay, assuming you actually have a job to do that sort of thing, or not outside fetching lunch for someone you don’t know under a daily hero’s accolade with limited health protections

Saoul posits the vaccine taking on its new standing as the new potion in the new normal, as the world yearns to escape from home. He does a deft job of folding lust, joy and choice into messages of inequality and surveillance.

But back to the music. Your living space needs this song right now, especially if you’ve been losing track of days and time. Saoul’s vocals and the two-punch mic support from George Andre and the debut of Lorayne Marlene shapes the track into a sexy 4/4 slam, murky soundscape and all. Saoul’s fiery guitar attacks — which is no surprise to folks who know Saoul by now — keep you locked in the urging beat. Club Night is just a “play”-tap away.

Saoul has independently released “Maxine”. Preview track is below. Hit Saoul’s Bandcamp page and keep the party going.

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