Happy Born Day, Prince!

Prince w̶a̶s̶ is a Rocker. And Prince w̶a̶s̶ is Black music. No contradiction at all. Prince: Question — You like Rock & Roll? [Audience cheers] Prince: Me too. One difference though, I like Rock and Roll — Fun-kay. —Prince, live in Montreux, Switzerland; July 15, 2013 Can’t forget Prince’s birthday today!  We all miss him. […]

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Aural Dive: “Maxine” by Saoul

Funk as a music genre is far from dead. For the moment, it’s spending time in the worthy hands of multi-instrumentalist Saoul in the form of “Maxine”, the funkiest track I’ve heard so far this year. What makes Saoul’s Funk so unique for 2020 is that he moves beyond the basic, lower-shelf grooves and immerses […]

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Album in the Crosshairs: Saoul — Seldom Oddity EP | Special Edition | self-released | 2019

Saoul wants you to taste the bread. And be sexy while doing it. Plus, he has a new release, Seldom Oddity, to help you along … The unsuppressed, sensual funkiness of the multi-instrumentalist’s EP mirrors writer James Baldwin’s admonition to view sensuality — despite the unequal and on-the-brink times we live in — as a […]

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An album (or two) in my head 0066

I listened to Harriet Tubman’s latest album again — it’s crazy Deep Space Blackout, where the all-so-dope trio sees our Colson Whitehead and raises it with an ion thruster. Spaceways, Inc. is smiling all the way from Saturn. I’ve also been getting my sway on with a dancefloor-friendly release of vintage Metal, blended into Afrobeat. […]

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Aural Dive: Saoul Bumbu

Recommended preparation for digging multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Saoul Bumbu’s music is to read how he describes it: “Good Songwriting is the real Pinnacle, no matter what Style or Genre. Write a Tune that still shines when there’s a Power [outage] and all you have is a 6-String and some Candles.” I’ll supplement his quote with […]

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JOSÉ JAMES YESTERDAY I HAD THE BLUES: THE MUSIC OF BILLIE HOLIDAY BLUE NOTE 2015  An interesting personal but peripheral observation: I couldn’t immediately come up with a list of male baritone Jazz vocalists whom I listen to on a regular basis. My personal prejudice probably relegated baritones to R&B or Country-Western music, I’m not […]

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My blog will eventually cover music and other creative paths with as much passion as what I currently place on the news or social topics of the day. A step toward this goal will be to publish weekly bits which will highlight one or two albums I’ve been playing during the past week. I don’t want you to think these […]

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Joe Sample’s recent passing brought up a small debate about whether he or his group The Crusaders ever played Jazz music. The debate seems unfair to me since The Crusaders resolved the issue for audiences long ago by removing the “Jazz” prefix from the group’s original name. Perhaps forcing groups into a specific genre helps to bring […]