Senate hearing with Mnuchin and Powell is happening now — and you can see the most obvious B.S. about reopening the US economy

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at US Senate Banking Committee hearing May 19, 2020
Secretary Mnuchin testifying remotely at US Senate hearing

Right now, US Fed Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are remotely testifying to the Senate Banking Committee about stimulus spending and the economy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mnuchin’s view is similar to that of his boss, President Donald Trump: they want scared and brave Americans to re-open the economy by leaving their homes and start going to work.

Like, to hell with a virus that has killed more than 90,000 people in the US alone so far. The poor and people of color represent a disproportionate number of those deaths.

Mnuchin also mentions that irreparable damage to the economy can occur if businesses don’t reopen soon.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D, Ohio) asked Mnuchin “How many workers should give their lives to increase the GDP or the Dow by 1,000 points?”

Mnuchin responded “No workers should give their lives to do that, Senator, and I think your characterization is unfair”.

But have you noticed something that calls out all the bullshit in this narrative?

Mnuchin IS NOT testifying in front of the Senate in-person.

And the Senate committee members aren’t congregated in the same space, sharing their germs with each other.





But they want laborers to go out and risk ‘Rona without comprehensive testing and other essential safety protocols.

More proof that the “Reopen America” movement is full of the lowest-quality rat turd you can find.

And the “Celebrate our workers” meme is fast becoming the new “Thank you for your service” to Army vets who lost their limbs over WMD lies …

song currently stuck in my head: “mind over matter” – joe henderson

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