Democrat lawmakers agreed with Trump’s wall — 25 percent of the way

trump border wall

There’s a question I meant to raise a few weeks ago about the budget debate in Washington and President Trump’s Great Wall idea.

“What would you prefer Congress to fund — $5 billion for border security or $5.7 billion for a border wall?”

Yeah. That was a debate. In real life.

Sure, I think paying any money for a wall will result in a monument that ushers in peak-intelligence America; a nod to what one of my friends calls the “post-enlightenment” period where facts no longer matter, but a physical wall born from unfounded hatred and fears does.

But what will proposing nearly the same amount of funding in “border security” accomplish?

Many of you — Democrats included — are acting under the delusion that any border security package endorsement doesn’t ignore the immigrant-heralded spirit of America’s promise for equality and opportunity.

You’re also attempting to unsee the country’s broken immigration process.

Which means the current immigration debate is every bit of a sham as the argument that immigrants ride into America at the top of a crime wave.

Y’all are just beefing about how money set aside to keep immigrants out of America will be spent.

Not a single part of this debate surprises me, given America’s strange history with immigration.

And then the debate became clear with the latest budget approved by Congress, sealed with a compromise: almost $1.4 billion for the southern border wall, or about 25 percent of Trump’s original funding request.

Even with the Dems’ partial agreement compromise, the President is looking for loopholes to fund the remainder of his wall project.

Seems to me that the Dems never wanted this fight in the first place.

Get at me if you don’t smell sham …

song currently stuck in my head: “i’m not defeated (12” mix)” – furious

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