To Save Society by Destroying It


Evangelical White Southerners — in normal times — would cite their Christian values as they disqualify accused child molester Roy Moore’s Alabama Senate candidacy.

But … these evangelicals feel their way of life is under attack in an increasingly rotting world that’s falling under the influence of amoral Liberals. Moore is viewed as a one of the few saviors to the besieged society they cherish.

Liberals — during normal circumstances — would call for the resignation of Senator Al Franken, who’s been accused groping a woman.

But Franken is also viewed as a savior to whatever remains of a good Liberal society that’s currently under an existential attack by tyranny.

This isn’t linguistic embroidery on my part.

The current Governor of Alabama has declared herself a Moore supporter, whether or not the allegations against him are true, and justified her resolve by citing the important policies, and court decisions to be made by Senate-confirmed judges, that lie ahead.

In other words, saving society is a top-of-mind priority for the Governor.

A prominent Franken supporter and former presidential candidate — in the absence of an investigation that would filter facts from fiction in this freshly-discovered Franken allegation — attempted to find gradations of disgusting behavior with respect to sexual assault against women by saying that Franken at least apologized for his acts.

Compare that reasoning to the “it-was-a-long-time-ago” defense given to Moore.

While red and blue tribes debate over which part of molestation is less evil — sexually assaulting 14-year old girls versus doing the same to non-consenting adult women — the warring defenders of society seem to share a common mission.

To protect society by destroying it …

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