The Las Vegas Route 91 Shootings Show Many Things Wrong With America Right Now

Route 91 harvest shootings las vegas

The dead and wounded bodies in Las Vegas as a result of Stephen Paddock’s shooting rampage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival show there are so many things wrong in America today.

Like Paddock had the right to buy nearly two dozen guns, no questions asked, to kill 59 people and wound about 540 more during a single night.

Like Paddock — a White male — still hasn’t been called a terrorist, as of the last time I checked,

Like the newspapers, the primary couriers of our hallowed Freedom of the press, are too intimidated to call Paddock a terrorist.

Like the victims of Paddock’s shooting spree have to set up a GoFundMe page to pay for hospital bills because while Paddock has the right to own the guns that were eventually used to send these festival attendees to area hospitals with trauma wounds, they don’t have a right to affordable healthcare.

Like the nearly 600 casualties from this shooting and their health insurance troubles won’t change the convictions of politicians who have been opposed to the idea of health insurance for all.

Like the politicians, whose campaign aspirations have been funded by the gun lobby, will never propose a single legislative measure that would deny potential mass murderers like Paddock the right opportunity to kill others. The math is simple: gun control = lower market size = lower industry revenue.

Like some of you find no problem with anything I just wrote.

I don’t ever use cuss words on this blog, but America needs to fix this shit.

Every. Single. Line. Of. This. Shit.

And when I say “America” I mean the country’s citizens.

There is no way a society can continue to survive with this perverse vision for democracy.

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