Trump — Assimilated

President Donald Trump was set to dump “obsolete” NATO — until he changed his mind.

In the name of efficiency, Trump imposed a federal hiring freeze — and then cited “efficiency” when he lifted the freeze.

Fed chairperson Janet Yellon was “toast” in Trump’s bold new world — and then he began to have second thoughts.

Abolishing the Export-Import Bank was a Trump priority — and then it wasn’t.

Trump’s stance on Syria signaled America’s shift away from the regime change business. And then that stance began to change.

And now Trump has changed his mind about attaching the “currency manipulator” label to China, his one-time nemesis.

The China policy is admittedly more complicated. I’ll explain that in a separate post.

Still, I’m sure that Trump and former President Barack Obama could have an interesting tea conversation one day about their first time being borged …

song currently stuck in my head: “we know we have to live together” – eugene blacknell

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