Download: Rare Classic Soul Podcast from Roger Williams

roger williams soulsorts classic soul music
An unexpected benefit of being connected to the social layers of the Web is that you sometimes get to know a few supremely cool people — like the kind of people where you would be completely okay with the idea of hanging out and swapping stories over a couple of beers.

Roger Williams (Soulsorts) is one of those cats by my measure. He’s also a broadcast DJ with perfect taste in music, old and new.

Roger dug deep into the breaches of Classic Soul music last week to deliver a nearly two-hour set of bliss for Solar Radio. Plus, you can download it.

This isn’t your neighborhood Soul broadcast — unless your local station regularly plays 1619 Bad Ass Band or Beverly and Duane.

Tap to play and be sure to follow Roger on Twitter to find out when and where he’ll play next …

Update: Roger released another show tonight:


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