Reduce Stress — Stop Making Celebrities Your Spokespersons

steve harvey donald trump meeting reaction
After meeting with President-elect Donald Trump and pleading through the media to give the new leader of the free world a chance to make life better for the Black community, media star Steve Harvey made many of you more pissed when news arrived that he’ll work with Trump-picked HUD Secretary Ben Carson to improve inner cities.

So, why are you so mad and I’m not?

Simple answer, in the form of a question — why did you make Steve Harvey your spokesperson?

Some of you will say “Nah, that’s not me.”

But I’ve heard too many of you wonder when [insert random celeb name] will take a stand on [insert crise du moment], only to be let down by the most capitulating or unenlightened statements ever to come from someone who wears $3,000 jeans.

Here’s a different and perhaps better question: HOW did you make any of these celebs your mouthpiece?

Because they’re on TV enough times? Sold enough albums? Received enough money from “arrogant” Hollywood to black-up and shine for the big screen?

Sure, I understand the importance of art and creatives during good and especially troubling times.

But too many of you think “creative,” “socially aware” and “moving units” are interchangeable terms.

The reason you’re pissed about people like Harvey and I’m not is because I don’t expect these Hollywood-types to speak for me.

Counting on spokesperson celebrities, who happen to share the same challenge as politicians in the way public opinion governs their employment, is like you buying a lottery ticket — wishing for Harry Belafonte but ignoring the chance that the numbers you’re holding aren’t even close.

I don’t have much else to say on the Harvey-Trump story until I see what their policy thoughts are — assuming anything will be presented at all.

Meanwhile, perhaps it’s time to place better bets or adjust expectations?

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2 thoughts on “Reduce Stress — Stop Making Celebrities Your Spokespersons

  1. Exactly. Athletes, rappers and comedians are not our spokespeople…we’ve gotta speak for ourselves. Song stuck in my head at the moment: “911 Is A Joke” – Public Enemy

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