NY Times article says that Hillary Clinton blames the FBI’s last-minute email investigation announcement for her Presidential election loss to Donald Trump.

Hard to say “I just didn’t get the job done,” isn’t it?

My take on Team Clinton’s failures can be found here, but I want to add that the FBI — or more specifically, Bureau Director James Comey — had no other choice but to step forward and add more drama to this election show.

No one’s covered the inside story, save for indie journalists and bloggers. I confirmed the story’s details through anonymous sources to reach my own conclusions.

As you already heard, the FBI investigators reviewing Clinton’s emails felt as if they had sufficient grounds for prosecution, and also felt their investigative efforts were being stymied by their agency’ own management, Department of Justice leadership or the federal government’s executive branch.

Data indicates that Comey had no intention of making last-minute announcements.

Except the Clinton case also found the attention of the New York City Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, who were investigating Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting incident.

While reviewing Weiner’s laptop, a procedure normally followed when anyone’s accused of sending sexually explicit messages to minors, they came across emails belonging to Weiner’s spouse and Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Many of which were stored in an electronic folder titled “life insurance.”

A quick review of the folder’s contents revealed a bombshell: the “life insurance” emails are related to the FBI’s Clinton email investigation.

The Abedin email collection dwarfed Clinton’s set — about 650,000 emails.

NYPD contacted the FBI about two weeks before election day, and the FBI responded by offering to confiscate the laptop for investigation.

But I guess “game knows game,” right?

This makes me think about the pregnant mother who was shot dead by police in Tacoma, Washington and the police surveillance camera video happened to be malfunctioning during the time of the shooting. Home-mounted cameras captured the shooting, and the police confiscated the video files and hard drive for investigation.

Guess what happened next? Tacoma Police announced that the files and hard drive broke, rendering the evidence damaged and unrecoverable.

So, NYPD officers more or less responded with a “Hell no,” backed-up the files multiple times and then made a copy of Abedin’s emails available for the FBI’s review.

NYPD sensed a cover up was in the works, as did rank-and-file FBI investigators.

With NYC cops now involved, the FBI could not bury these emails if it wanted to.

In fact, the situation became so tense that the FBI couldn’t even delay the new evidence announcement until after the election out of fear that one of two things would happen.

Number one, the FBI investigators, who are already frustrated with being stonewalled for months, could have revolted and start leaking to the press.

Or number two, the NYPD could have come forward with strong accusations about the FBI’s curious behavior, and suggest that the Bureau is attempting to influence the election through evidence suppression.

Therefore, Comey — who was already sitting on this evidence for a few days, had three choices for sharing this news right away. He chose the least explosive route: make an announcement to Congress.

But of course reviewing 650,000 emails in a few days, even at the metadata level as the FBI said it had done, is not an accurate approach to conduct an investigation of a possible pay-to-play operation.

This means you can take Comey’s follow-up announcement that the Bureau found nothing material about the emails to warrant any pursuit of Clinton for whatever you think it’s worth.

Assuming you feel there’s any truth to the story of NYPD coercion, Clinton’s “Blame the FBI” statement could be just an act …

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