A torn backside for the rest of America to see is the risk Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes when she constantly fence-hops to give the appearance of being a populist to primary voters while also acting as a member of the Oligarchs Booster Club.

She also makes her opponent Bernie Sanders look like a Beltway Nostradamus.

While Clinton supported regime change in Iraq as a Senator in 2003, Sanders opposed the idea — and the country’s tragically expanding aftermath proves that his decision is wise.

Clinton supported the 2008 banking bailout and the associated Too Big to Fail framework, but Sanders opposed it. Those banks have become even larger today — and through perversely  extensible logic — provide more compelling reasons  to prevent their failure. On any case, the banking sector’s new size will present a larger risk to society if they face another credit crisis.

Sanders opposed the Patriot Act when Clinton supported it — and the NSA is now looking at those booty-pop photos you sent to your partner which have nothing to do with terrorism.

Sanders opposed NAFTA while Clinton welcomed it. Thousands of lost jobs later

And this historical oligarch predilection of Clinton’s makes her politically vulnerable this year with the Panama Papers‘ release.

Back in 2009, Clinton and her boss,  Barack Obama, supported a Bush The Second initiative to complete a series of trade agreements with Colombia,  South Korea and … Panama. Obama approved the agreements two years later in a low-key ceremony while bragging about how the agreements will boost exports and create jobs.

Bernie Sanders opposed the agreements, and had this to say about the Panama deal:

Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens, and the Panama Free Trade Agreement will make this bad situation much worse.

Hear it from the seer himself:


Let’s fast-forward to 2016’s Panama Papers leak, where each disclosure of a  US politician, business executive or wealthy felon’s connection to this once-secretive  tax haven can contribute to mounting evidence that Deep State’s favored candidate may not be the champion of the middle class she aspires to be.

It then becomes easier to understand why the Panama data leak resembles a faucet drip at the moment, and that Sanders’ crystal ball smells blood in the water

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