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There’s been play talk about a grand compromise which could save the Republican Party from civil war or even implosion this summer, and I want your thoughts about it.

The hypothetical deal is that the GOP allows Trump to become the Presidential nominee without any resistance from party bigwigs.

In return, Trump chooses John Kasich for his running mate and promises to appoint Ted Cruz to the vacant Supreme Court Justice seat — assuming Obama can’t fill the vavancy before leaving office.

The Cruz appointment is an intriguing idea since some believe he may enjoy the SCOTUS life more than any stint in the Oval Office.

This week’s Sunday Smack is: “President Trump, Vice President Kaisich and Supreme Court Justice Cruz — could this deal work? Would you want it to work??”

Deep State considerations aside, of course …

song currently stuck in my head: “fat man in the bathtub” – little feat


  1. I would accept that over the establishment hijacking our voice in this election, the establishment has done a piss poor job in the last two elections running McCain and then Romney both were inept and weak candidates and proved so quite clearly.

    1. I thought Obama was outta there in 2012, Basharr — until Romney became the nominee. I just shook my head …

      song currently stuck in my head: “sky dive” – freddie hubbard

  2. No matter what party you swing with, if you want to know who to support just look at who your party’s leadership DOES NOT want in the race. The leadership of the parties IS the problem in Washington.

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