I have some unfinished business to discuss regarding my prediction seven months ago that Donald Trump has a shot at becoming the Party of No Brains’ nominee for President.

But let’s revisit what I wrote back then:

… [I]f Americans saw a President in a man known more for his acting ability than his public policy chops in 1980, then Trump’s shot at being nominated by his party isn’t so far-fetched. The enabling assumption here is that Trump doesn’t push his luck and do something extraordinarily dumb.

Look at what happened during the 1970s: America departed Vietnam with a torn backside; Iran’s Islamic fundamentalist revolution, a state of affairs ostensibly made in the USA, was in the process of tearing another hole for America by using the embassy hostage crisis as lever; the US economy appeared to be in free-fall; plus the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan further raised the spectre of a threat to America’s superpower status. Americans saw all of these events, freaked the hell out and concluded their country’s best days were behind it — unless a hero came along to rescue them from their cultural pessimism.

And now let’s talk about that unfinished business: I never described to you what doing something extraordinarily dumb has to look like.

Calling Mexicans criminals and rapists — while an appalling act — does not rise to the definition of extraordinarily dumb since a fair number of his of his followers don’t think too highly of immigrants.

And while Americans, including Conservatives, don’t generally believe Mexican immigrants are hoodlums, Trump supporters appear willing to tolerate Trump’s demonization of Mexicans as a cost of “Making America great again.”

If you get the Mexican logic, then it’s easy to reason that Trump’s call for a “complete and total shutdown” of Muslims entering America doesn’t fit the dumb category either. Besides, how many Americans really give a crap about Muslims?

And neither does throwing out African descendant observers during one of Trump’s rallies.

Extraordinarily dumb, in the case of Trump, means he would have to commit an act that shocks the White supremacists, religious evangelicals and super-charged American patriots who support him.

Something dumb like — being caught in bed with a Mexican tranny who converted to Islam.

Or, running a pimp corridor of young, virgin Christian girls.

Or, authorizing the insertion of crystal meth vapors into his hotels’ HVAC systems.

Burning down a church or two and then holding up a book of matches for a selfie is a strong possibility.

Otherwise, expect to see Trump take his coronation walk this summer in Cleveland.

Perhaps I’m wrong. What your ideas for dumb?

song currently stuck in my head: “winter in america” – gil scott heron

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