This week’s Sunday Smack explores the prospects for internecine warfare  this year between America’s two major political parties.

As Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump — to the “supposed” chagrin of so-called establishment party leaders — wins the South Carolina Presidential primary, some party insders make mention of a brokered convention which could block Trump’s nomination. The candidate’s fanatical followers will likely reject such maneuvering.

Even if Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders wins the popular primary vote and associated delegates, opponent Hillary Clinton has been working hard to secure the support of super delegates, an extra-electoral provision which can cost Sanders the nomination. Sanders’s supporters — who are just as resentful of the establishment as Trump’s supporters are — would reject such an outcome.

And that leads us to my Sunday Smack: “What kind of long, hot electoral summer lies ahead?

song currently stuck on my head: “tell it like it is” – aet blakey and the jazz messengers

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